CO2 free air

GreenCap provides a green technology for rinsing out air from CO2 and provides CO2 free air to closed systems, such as storage rooms and battery factories.

The technology is based on the direct air capture process where zeolite is used as the CO2 adsorbent, and delivering CO2 free air as the final product.

There are no chemicals involved, and the technology provides CO2 free air with ≤10 ppm CO2


In some cases, battery production requires dehydrated and nearly CO2 free air. GCS has developed a new application for delivering nearly CO2-free air.

GCS’ contribution is to remove CO2 from air that has been dehydrated by others, using two sorbent beds operating alternately in adsorption and desorption mode as shown in the figure to the right.

The product after adsorption has an extremely low residual CO2 content of <0.5 ppm. The minimum requirement for battery production is <10 ppm, and known competitors have problems reaching <20 ppm. The desorption step is accomplished using treated and heated air to regenerate the adsorbent bed and recover the adsorbed CO2.

This is a chemical-free technology that provides CO2 free air with ≤10 ppm CO2.

Point capture


Point capture is considered an instrument to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries i.e. industries that are difficult to reduce and reach net zero emissions. Together with GreenCap technology, scrubbers are complimentary to be used in point capture. Scrubbers are used for capturing the poisonous SOX, NOX, H2S and other heavy pollutants, where Greencap capture technology provide efficient CO2 capture in industrial settings at competitive cost to reach the climate goals.


GreenCap Solutions captures CO2 from air or from sources with CO2 concentrations lower than 4%.

The figure to the right shows a system where more extensive gas pre-treatment is required, followed by CO2 capture process in addition to purification and liquefaction step of the captured CO2.