We at GreenCap are working to solve two of the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges: rising greenhouse gas emissions and resource scarcity. To be a driving force for good is an engaging purpose. However, it does not only matter what we do, but also how we do it. At GreenCap we always strive to be a well-governed, environmental, and socially responsible company.

Sustainability at Greencap solutions

Sustainability is the core of our operations. GreenCap Solution’s main contribution to sustainability is through our products and services. By enabling negative emissions, we help mitigate climate change. However, we also strive to be a well-governed, environmental and socially responsible company, setting ambitious targets for all aspects of our business to support the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Agreement’s climate goals.

GreenCap Solutions supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a universal call for action by all countries to tackle climate change, end poverty and build a more sustainable and resilient world by 2030. This will require action across countries and sectors on a global scale. GreenCap Solutions has identified four SDGs where we can make the biggest impact, and which resonates with our purpose and strategy. Learn more about our sustainability goals and strategies.

Setting the tone from the top – a letter from our Chairman

We at GreenCap are working to solve two of the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges: rising greenhouse gas emissions and resource scarcity. To be a driving force for good is an engaging purpose.

However, it does not only matter what we do, but also how we do it. We must always act with integrity and uphold the highest possible ethical standard in everything we do.

Sustainability is at the heart of our company. GreenCap was established based on the fact that the world needs to change its path, and all production must be undertaken in a sustainable manner if we are going to be able to preserve our planet as we know it.

Our products and solutions must be resource and energy efficient, with a minimal environmental footprint. We must conduct business with respect for human rights and labour rights, we must be mindful of business ethics and oppose corruption in all its forms, and we must comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Stakeholders’ expectations regarding responsible business conduct are constantly evolving. Although the principles in this Code of Conduct and our values stay the same over time, we will update the Code of Conduct as needed to ensure that we stay ahead of the development in this area, and of our stakeholders’ expectations.

This Code of Conduct is based on our values: courage, engagement, surprising and down-to-earth.

The principles, standards and requirements described in the Code of Conduct, reflect what we consider responsible business conduct. The Code of Conduct provides guidance to help us all make sound and ethical judgements and decisions, while working for GreenCap Solutions.

As part of BR Industries, we benefit from more than 30 years of industrial history. We are proud of this legacy, and we aim to extend it by working hard to make the impossible possible, and fostering a corporate culture that makes GreenCap Solutions a great place to work, so that we have our rightful place in the industry stories that are told in the future.

We are down to earth and we build our business at a steady pace. From the very beginning of the GreenCap story in 2016, it has been our goal to make a positive contribution to the societies where we operate, and to be problem solvers.

We want to create a workplace where everyone feels safe to speak their mind, and are provided with the opportunity to use their full skills and capabilities. Our people are the most valuable resources for our company. We will undertake our business with great respect for the individual and for human rights. We view diversity as a strength. Diversity challenges us and helps new ideas flourish. But we also need a common core, which is where our values and principles come into play. We seek openness and transparency, and appreciate feedback – both positive and negative. We hope you will speak up if you see any of the principles in this Code of Conduct being violated.

Please familiarise yourself with the Code of Conduct, and use it to seek guidance in matters of business ethics and integrity. And remember: if you are ever in doubt about what the right thing to do is, or feel that your integrity is being challenged, stop, think, and reach out to your manager for guidance on the matter at hand. We must never compromise on matters of integrity. Ethical conduct and safe business operations shall always be our first priority.

Best regards,
Bjørn Rygg
Chairman of GreenCap Solutions

GreenCap solutions is a technology provider of large-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) solutions, and it is important for us to conduct our operations in a way that supports sustainable development. In accordance with this, we work to ensure that goods and services procured are manufactured under sustainable and responsible conditions.

Notification routines in GreenCap

The company wants and encourages employees and other members of the company to report censurable conditions (Whistleblowing) in line with this Policy. In order to meet the company’s standards, it is important that malpractice or wrongdoings is reported so that it can be addressed, corrected and prevented in the future. This policy shall enable individuals to raise concerns internally, at the appropriate level, without fear of retaliation from the company or any of its officers or employees. Learn more about our notification routines here (pdf)