Meet our people

Ronny Bergerud

Chief Operating Officer

“I am thrilled to join GreenCap Solutions as the Chief Operating Officer,” says Ronny Bergerud. “GreenCap’s commitment to innovative technology and sustainable development aligns perfectly with my own professional values and aspirations. I look forward to contributing to our mission of creating a more sustainable future.”

Ronny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cybernetics and a Master’s degree in Strategy and Business Development from NTNU. With extensive experience in the commercialization of technology within various startups in the oil and gas industry, Ronny brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to GreenCap Solutions. His proven track record of driving operational excellence and fostering growth will be instrumental in achieving GreenCap’s ambitious goals.

“Working with a team that is as dedicated and passionate about making a difference is incredibly motivating,” says Ronny. “I am eager to collaborate with my new colleagues and leverage our collective strengths to tackle the pressing challenges of climate change.”

Ronny’s leadership style is characterized by a strong focus on teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement. His strategic vision and hands-on approach are set to propel GreenCap towards significant advancements in sustainability.

“GreenCap Solutions is at the forefront of developing and commercializing groundbreaking carbon capture technology. Being part of this innovative team gives me great pride and excitement,” Ronny adds. “I am confident that together, we can achieve remarkable advancements in sustainability and make a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”