Our vision

Our overall mission is to contribute to a brighter future.

In essence, we contribute to two of the world’s largest challenges, climate change and resource scarcity. It is the sum of measures that makes a difference. We believe that we must have nature-based removal, we must have energy efficiency, we must have a direct reduction of consumption and emissions, and we must have engineered removal, like direct air capture.

If we are going to meet the goals in the Paris agreement, carbon capture and direct air capture plays a crucial role, and the world needs to increase its effort in project execution!

TEAM : GreenCap Solutions AS

As of today, there is planned a 1-million-ton DAC farm in 2025, and according to experts we need to build up to 2-million-tons DAC farms a week between now and 2050 to reach our climate goals.

We are here to provide a new sustainable, reliable, and energy-efficient technology for a better future!

Sustainability at Greencap solutions

GreenCap Solution’s main contribution to sustainability is through our products and services.